Enlarge Serj Tankian, 9/24/2012, The Fillmore, San Francisco, Miikka Skaffari for MetalSucks

Serj Tankian Shares Two More New Songs, “Cyber Criminal” and “Rasputin”


Following yesterday’s release of “Entitled” and “Piano,” two new songs by System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian, today we get two more: “Cyber Criminal” and “Rasputin.”

All four come from Serj’s next release, Cinematique, an assemblage of 25 cinematic compositions that roam through classical and modern soundscapes, split up into two collections that both come out on August 6.

These two latest tracks are both taken from the Violent Violins half of the album, consisting of modern songs. The other half, Illuminate, features more traditional compositions.

In addition to the upcoming album, so far in 2021 Serj has released a 24-minute piano concerto, a collection of “cinematic works” featuring Tankian reading 87 poems over 48 minutes of music, and, of course, his first solo rock album, Elasticity.

System of a Down, meanwhile, remain creatively at odds with one another following the two new songs they released last November, their first in 15 years.

You can listen to Serj’s latest two tracks below.

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