Exclusive: Wind Rose’s Claudio Falconcini Answers 3 Insane Questions for MetalSucks


At this point, it’s pretty clear that our 3 Insane Questions video series is only reserved for the bravest and most foolhardy of musicians. If it’s not one of death metal’s hottest contemporary frontmen sounding like a big goober, it’s one of the Internet’s most prolific streamers looking and sounding higher than anyone has ever been before. So when we got a chance to ask a few asinine questions of dwarven metal act Wind Rose, we thought, Oh, perfect. Look at these fucking guys. They’re our type.

Wind Rose guitarist Claudio Falconcini decided to take on our list of ridiculous and obnoxious questions. This time around, things were a bit, shall we say, dumber

  1. Do you get offended when someone yells, “AND MY AXE!” at you on the street?
  2. How many crunches do you think the eagle on the cover of Manowar’s Battle Hymns had to do to get those abs?

What’s the third question? What question could we possible have left in our thought-balls, after the Manowar thing? Guess you better find the fuck out, huh, bucko?

Check out Wind Rose’s interview below, or watch one of our other guests stars answer some really idiotic question:

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