Maynard and Joe Rogan Don’t Like TikTok, Online Ozzfest Was a Mistake, and More Top Stories of the Week


When I first took up this gig, my overlords told me two things: don’t microwave fish in the break room and never read the comments. After some of the more…. charged posts that we did, I can see why now. Some of you people just love dying on the dumbest hills. That’s fine, I do too. We all do. Still, it’s hilarious to see where people’s ideological realities lie.

Regardless, this week has some banger articles for you to catch up on if you decided to hibernate under a week for the last few days. That’s okay if you did, because I’ve got ya. Hit play on the Top Tracks of the Week playlist below and then scroll down a little further for the top 10 stories of last week. Enjoy.

Maynard James Keenan Talks TikTok with Joe Rogan: “It Turns to Desperation Very Quickly. It Reeks”

Playing Without Hearing Protection is “Not an Option” for Slipknot’s Jay Weinberg

Someone Should Have Pulled the Plug on the Metaverse Ozzfest

Blacktracking: 10 Black Metal Bands We Miss

Ted Nugent Thinks Pantera and Motörhead Covers of His Songs Are Too White

Type O Negative’s Dead Again Album Cover is a Dick Joke

It’s Time to Pretend Like the GRAMMYs Care about Metal as Nominees Are Announced

Washed Up Shock Rocker Upset His Career “in the Gutter” Following Sexual Abuse Allegations

Zakk Wylde is Using YouTube to Learn Pantera Songs

20 Doom and Sludge Bands from Canada

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