Ted Nugent’s Sh*tty Takes on Trans Issues Force Alabama Brewery to Cancel an Upcoming Show


Controversial rocker and huge age of consent fan Ted Nugent once again found out after fuckin’ around online, as one of his upcoming shows was axed because of his piss poor takes on transgender rights and issues.

According to AL.com, an upcoming July 18 show featuring the 74-year old musician at Avondale Brewing Co. was canceled after their social media accounts were flooded with comments lambasting the choice to host a Nugent show there. Roughly 1,000 comments hit the brewery’s Facebook post announcing the show, along with another 150 comments bombarding their Instagram profile. In one instance, a local bar announced their intent to stop serving Avondale’s beer altogether.

“Al’s will no longer purchase any beer from Avondale Brewing Company nor Good People Brewing Company. Avondale will be hosting a Ted Nugent concert in July. Nugent has recently made serious transphobic comments.”

After receiving threats from residents and businesses that they would no longer purchase or consume the brewery’s beer, Avondale Brewing Co. announced the show’s cancellation on their Instagram Stories:

“We have heard the concerns of the Avondale community, which is so important to us, and in conjunction with our partners, have taken the necessary steps to to cancel the Ted Nugent concert scheduled for July 18.”

The show was one of 28 scheduled gigs in his apparent farewell tour, dubbed “Adios Mofo ’23.” Normally, we’d share whatever comment Nugent made that resulted in this show getting canned, but honestly the dude’s said some pretty inflammatory shit over the years. From threatening political candidates he disagreed with to backing outright bigots with their Bud Light-fueled virtue signaling, there’s not much the far-right opportunist that once wrote “Wango Tango” won’t say online that could get him in hot water.

That being said, the dude only a couple weeks ago said there was “no such thing” as transgender, throwing in a real stupid Pink Floyd joke in there for good measure before challenging anyone to debate him. You know, like a child.

Ted Nugent’s Sh*tty Takes on Trans Issues Force Alabama Brewery to Cancel an Upcoming Show
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