Through the Eyes of the Dead Release New Instrumental Jam

  • Axl Rosenberg

It’s been more than six years since the release of the last Through the Eyes of the Dead album, Skepsis, and almost two years since the band announced that they were working on a new EP. Since then, they’ve released a sample of a part of a demo, an entire demo, and now, a video of guitarist Justin Longshore playing an instrumental version of a new song. And while everything we’ve heard thus far has sounds promising, I gotta be a little harsh here: it’s time to get that EP out, fellas! A band of TTEOTD’s stature just can’t be inactive for this long and expect everything to be the same when they return — just ask A Life Once Lost.

Tease your earholes with the possibility of new music from TTEOTD yet again below. Then sacrifice a Christian baby to the Supreme Lord Beelzebub that they release a fully-completed new offering before Tool does.

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