Of Mice & Men Frontman Austin Carlile Finds God Seven Years After Quitting Attack Attack!


Of Mice & Men won me over a couple of months ago when they premiered their new album for a fan with terminal cancer, so I have nothing against the band or its frontman Austin Carlile personally.

But Carlile recently posted the following picture to his Instagram, announcing that he’s been baptized and has found God:

Which, hey, good for Austin. If that’s where his peace and happiness lies, then more power to him.

But wait, Austin Carlile was a founding member of Attack Attack!, who were known for their love of Christ and their distaste for sentences that make sense. I always sort of assumed every member of that band was the kind of fundamentalist Christian who needed God as a set of blinders to keep them from seeing how awful their crab-walking ways were. Good to know that this wasn’t the case with everyone involved.

Anyway, congrats to Austin on finding his faith on his own, and a belated kudos on his quitting Attack Attack! Of Mice & Men are on tour now with Slipknot and Marilyn Manson; check out the dates here.

[via Rock Feed]

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