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Ted Nugent Vows to “Fix” Pro-Vaxxer Gene Simmons

  • Axl Rosenberg

Real American Hero Ted Nugent has vowed to “fix” his “brother” and “great man” Gene Simmons, who recently called those not willing to get vaccinated against COVID-19 the “enemy.”

Speaking with The Rock n Roll Channel on talkshoplive last week, Simmons said:

“If you’re willing to walk among us unvaccinated, you are an enemy… This whole idea, this delusional, evil idea that you get to do whatever you want and the rest of the world be damned, is really terrible. We’ve got to identify those people and bring them out into the open so you know who they are.”

Simmons’ comments did not sit well with sane, normal people like InfoWars founder Alex Jones, who was found liable this week in multiple defamation cases brought against him by families from Sandy Hook. “You claim that we’re evil because we don’t want you and Big Pharma to literally rape us with your Frankenshot GMO!” Jones raved, completely misusing the word “literally” (if nothing else, rapists, unlike vaccinators, do not usually take appointments).

Now Nugent — who, like Jones, is a Trump-lovin’ conspiracy theorist — has also spoken out against Simmons… albeit in a surprisingly-much-more-gentle tone.

Asked about the Simmons brouhaha by conservative pundit Joe Pags this week, Nugent first tried to blame Gene’s comments on the fact that he lives in Los Angeles:

“I think [Gene has] been so bombarded. Remember, he lives in Los Angeles. Number one, I love Gene Simmons — he is a great man, rock solid in the asset column. But my own brother, who also spent most of his life in New York and L.A., they are so overwhelmed with lies and hate and misinformation.”

“[W]hen they called someone a racist, they are the racist; when they call someone a child molester, it’s usually coming from a child molester,” continued the guitarist, who dated a 17-year-old when he was thirty and has argued that the Confederacy should have won the Civil War. “So you’ve gotta give ’em the benefit of the doubt,” he then added, thereby demonstrating that he has no idea what that expression means.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the most egregious lack of comprehension Nugent showed during his lengthy answer:

“But the real shocker, I think, and you will agree, is that here’s Gene that speaks truth, logic and common sense most of the time — I really respect the man’s overview — but here’s a man who constantly references, and rightly so, that his mother survived the Holocaust where power-abusing MONSTERS were forcing people to succumb. And then the Nuremberg trials proved that no man, no human has a right to force ANY unwanted medicine or experiments, like this experimental drug, on people ever again.

“And here’s Gene Simmons, who is so powerfully educating people about the horrors of demonic Nazism and the Holocaust, and then he compartmentalizes it and literally falls into the chasm of power abuse. It’s much like a lot of my Jewish friends that are anti-gun and think that guns should be banned, which was what Joseph Goebbels and Hitler did.”

This is the second time this year Nugent has invoked the Nuremberg Trials, and he’s been way off-base regarding what those trials actually were both times.

Held between 1945 and 1949 in order to determine whether or not various high-ranking Nazi officials, military officers, and collaborators had committed war crimes (spoiler alert: they had), those trials resulted, in part, in The Nuremberg Code, which says that “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential” — in other words, that doctors can’t experiment on people without permission.

Vaccine mandates don’t violate this code because the government isn’t physically forcing you to do anything. I suspect Nugent would argue that they are forcing people to do things, because the un-vaxxed are now being limited in terms of where they can go and what they can do… but that’s because they’re a public health risk, and, again, no one is forcing them to get the jab. Calling the mandates a violation of The Nuremberg Code is right up there with conservatives constantly misunderstanding the protections entitled under the First Amendment. It’s not at all a 1:1 comparison.

Nugent’s continual referencing of the Holocaust is especially gross because he’s very openly an anti-Semite (although I guess under his “I’m rubber and you’re glue” line of reasoning, I’m the anti-Semite for calling him an anti-Semite?). And there’s an insinuation here that Simmons is somehow the one who doesn’t understand the history of the Nazis or something, which I find downright infuriating.

Softening the blow somewhat, though, is that Nugent then concluded by talking about Simmons the way you talk about a puppy:

“Joe, on an honest, intellectual level, I cannot explain it. I just know that I love Gene Simmons, and I’m gonna call him and try to fix him.”

I’m thinking Gene ain’t gonna take that call, Ted. Just a hunch.

P.S. I cannot even tell you how upset I am that Ted Nugent just made me defend Gene Simmons. Fuck.


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