Misfits Forced to Cancel Their New Years Eve Gig, Creed Once Lip-synced a Halftime Show, and More Top Stories of the Week


So, how are we all feelin’ after a couple days of ritualistic engorgement and the capitalistic slaughter of our bank accounts at the altar of savings? Satiated? No? Well, we’ve got a whole cornucopia of metal news, interviews, features, and more to shove down your gullet this Saturday.

From Rammstein releasing a ridiculously cinematic music video to Dave Mustaine absolutely and mercilessly dunking on Lars, this past week’s got some real interesting reads. If you’ve missed out on some of our posts, or want to relive the glory days of this past Tuesday for some reason, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve also updated our weekly Top Tracks playlist on Spotify with music by Cosmic Reaper, Currents, and more. That way, you can listen to the music that drove MetalSucks while you drive.

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Misfits Forced to Cancel Their New Year’s Show

On This Day 21 Years Ago, Creed Lip-synced Their Way Through A Halftime Show

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Brand New Pantera Rehearsal Photos Hit Social Media

Dave Mustaine Elaborates on the Hetfield Collab and Absolutely Nukes Lars in the Process

Convicted Sex Offender Tripp Eisen “Shocked I Survived” Prison

Rammstein Release the Official Music Video for “Adieu”

Rob Halford Says Playing with K.K. Downing at Rock Hall “Felt Like He Was Always There”

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