Breaking the Law

Insane Clown Posse Sue U.S. Justice Department, FBI


ICP make it rainWHOOP WHOOP! Happy new year n’ shit, ninjas. This be yo’ homie Juggaloeb back to report on clown news. And yo I wish I had some fresh shit to tell you, but times are sad, times are sad, so I got some more weak legal shit like the weak legal shit ICP had to do last year.

See, piggies n’ chickens n’ Muggalos n’ shit always be hound doggin’ ninjas n’ shit, so ICP and four Juggalos decided to stand up for they rights and are suing the Justice Department and the FBI for pickin’ on us n’ shit. Some newspaper that don’t know don’t nobody ready no more [He’s referring The New York Times. -Ed.] sez that ICP sez that “the United States government had made the ‘unwarranted and unlawful decision’ to classify fans of the band as criminal gang members, leading to their harassment by law enforcement and causing them ‘significant harm.’”

Yo, ain’t dat da truth? This shit right here has been a long time comin’, ever since the government said we was a gang n’ shit. Juggalos ain’t no Crips or Bloods, y’all. We just some rydas lookin’ for a little ‘lo love, ya heard? Yo, just peep this muthafuckin’ HARASSMENT these Ninjalos had to deal wit:

“Mark Parsons, a Juggalo from Las Vegas and one of the plaintiffs listed in the suit, said in the complaint that he had been detained in July by state troopers outside Knoxville, Tenn., for displaying Insane Clown Posse’s insignia, known as ‘the hatchet man,’ on his semi truck.

“Another plaintiff, Scott Gandy, from Concord, N.C., said that he was told at an Army recruitment office in 2012 that he could not join the military without removing his Juggalo tattoos, which a recruiter told him were ‘gang-related.’ Mr. Gandy said he spent ‘hundreds of dollars to undergo a painful procedure in which his Juggalo tattoos were covered with other tattoos,’ but his application to the Army was still denied.

Robert Hellin, a Juggalo and an Army corporal from Garner, Iowa, said in the suit that he ‘has visible ICP-related tattoos,’ and that he believes that he is ‘in imminent danger of suffering discipline or an involuntary discharge from the Army.’”

YO THAT AIN’T RIGHT! I wish ICP and these Ninjas MMFWCL and hope they take the piggies for a billion dollars and get to live out the rest of dey daze as richies whose biggest problems is that they got too much deestfal and too many rabbits on ’em. Word.

MFL: Ryan B. 

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