Pantera Footage Galore, Bands Still Can’t Make Money Touring, and More!


Boy, what a mixed bag the last week was. From cool stories about death metal veterans giving praise to the next generation to a young crossover band getting their bus/stage totaled by a drunk asshole, things seemed to be all over the place. But I guess that’s what happens when the end of the year is upon us: it’s one last time for 2022 to make us happy and fuck us all at the same time.

As we get ready for the coming of 2023 and all the horrors and delights that will come with it, we at MetalSucks want to wish you a happy and healthy celebration for you and yours. Hopefully next year will be full of sick tunes, circle pits, and more hours needlessly wasted on our little corner of the internet.

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Black Sabbath’s I.R.S. Records-Era to be Released Next Year

Venom Inc’s Mantas to Cronos: Watch Venom’s Live Videos to “See a Sub-Par Performance”

Sabaton Isn’t Raking in the Cash On Tour, “But We Aren’t on the Brink of Extinction Either”

Fred Durst Wants to Save Twitter

Revocation Gets Some High Praise from Cannibal Corpse’s Alex Webster

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