MetalSucks’ Top 25 Most Popular Stories of 2020


Every December, we have the MetalSucks Mansion Monkeys tally up our top 25 stories of the past year, so as to better learn what you dummies like and what bands will generate the most ¢lick$. And now that the 2020 report is in, we have some interesting takeaways. For example:

  • Metallica, Tool, and especially Slipknot are still st00pid-popular.
  • People really enjoy slide guitar and snow.
  • People really enjoy schadenfreude.
  • People spent less time reading about the effects of COVID-19 on the metal world than you might assume.
  • People spent less time reading about the death of Eddie Van Halen than you might assume.
  • 2020 was, on the whole, awful.

Peruse the stories you made our most popular below.

#25: Maynard Addresses “Absurd” Tool Fan Theories

#24: Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” Re-Recorded in the Style of Slipknot (Now with More Corey Taylor!)

#23: Tom Morello Responds to Yet Another Fan Who Didn’t Know Rage Against the Machine Are Liberal

#22: Poll: What Is the Best Stoner Metal Album of All Time?

#21: Trapt’s Chris Taylor Brown Has a Death Wish, Is Now Feuding With Danny Diablo

#20: Norma Jean Frontman Comes Under Fire for Posting Image Insensitive to Black Lives Matter Movement

#19: Trapt’s Singer is Broke, Dodging Payments to Music Video Director

#18: Vince Neil’s Drunken Cameo Video for Fan’s Birthday Goes Viral

#17: Video: Dude Slays Tool Song on a Slide Guitar in the Snowy Woods

#16: Watch the 5-Year-Old Slipknot Fan Who Went Viral Do a Drum Cover of “Before I Forget”

#15: Puddle of Mudd’s Cover of Nirvana’s “About a Girl”: Not Good

#14: Finally, the God Awful Snare Drum Sound on Metallica’s St. Anger Explained

#13: Rumor: Kerry King Basically Continuing Slayer with Phil Anselmo Instead of Tom Araya

#12: Anthrax’s Scott Ian Recounts the Day Metallica Fired Dave Mustaine

#11: Nigerian Wedding Moshing to System of a Down Goes Viral

#10: Eddie Van Halen Gifted Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell an Entire Garage Full of Gear After Early Tour

#9: Corey Taylor Says Some Slipknot Members are “F*cking Miserable” People

#8: Wife of Slayer’s Tom Araya is Sharing Racist, Pro-Police and Conspiracy Theory Memes on Social Media

#7: Corey Taylor Throws More Shade at Members of Slipknot and Stone Sour

#6: Sexual Harassment and Bullying: Booking Titan John Finberg’s Accusers Speak Out

#5: Video: Vince Neil Preparing for Big Mötley Crüe Summer Tour That Will No Longer Happen

#4: Ticketmaster Has Quietly Changed Its Refund Policy (You’re Not Getting Your Money Back)

#3: Video: Dude Slays Rage Against the Machine Medley on a Slide Guitar in the Snowy Woods

#2: This Time-Lapse Video of Rammstein’s 60-Hour Stage Setup Process is Insane

#1: Video: Westworld Star Evan Rachel Wood Testifies Before the California Senate About Her Abusive Relationship With Marilyn Manson

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